Alpha Asher By Jane Doe

Chapter 32

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“Lola.” Alpha Asher’s voice was rough and gravely, “Always getting into trouble, and now I seem to
understand why.”

Alpha Asher’s voice was clouded with sleep, making it deeper and more gruff. The sound instantly
appealed to Maya and I. His voice was like a sedative, calming my frayed nerves and frantic mind.

A nervous laugh escaped my lips, “I know it might not seem like it, but this is totally not my fault.”

“Mm.” Alpha Asher mused slowly, my heart thudding in response. “I’m not entirely sure I believe you,
Lola. Tell me, why were you at Haze last night?”

‘Here we go.’ I thought to myself. wondering how Alpha Asher would truly react.

“Breyona smelled her mate the night of Chelsea’s birthday.” I frowned, “She wanted to go back and find
him. I couldn’t let her go alone.”

“Of all people, Lola.” Alpha Asher sighed, his rough voice sending another chill down my spine. “Half-
Vampire, I hear.”

“I guess I am.” My voice sounded small, and I realized I had never talked to Alpha Asher like this before.
I was vulnerable, and I hated the feeling. My vulnerability gave Alpha Asher the opportunity to crush me,
all he had to do was say a few choice words.

“And how do you feel about that fact, Lola?” Alpha Asher’s voice was even, and if I didn’t know any
better his voice almost sounded soft. His kindness sent something else rushing through me, pure


“I don’t know how I feel about it.” I murmured honestly. “I think part of me doesn’t believe it.”

Alpha Asher was silent on the other end, letting me pour my repressed emotions through the mind-link.

“I do know one thing.” I took a deep breath, gaining some strength and confidence back into my voice. “It
doesn’t change anything. I’m a werewolf first and foremost. I owe the Vampire’s nothing, especially if it’s
them threatening my home.”

A few more seconds ticked by in silence.

“Good girl.” Alpha Asher commented, his voice low and husky. “Now, here’s what’s going to happen. I will
arrive back on pack territory this afternoon. Beta Devin will be over in just a few hours. Pack your
belongings and give Beta Devin a full description of the Vampire who marked you.”

I paused, letting Alpha Asher finish.

“I expect you ready to move into the pack house by the time I arrive back.” Alpha Asher’s command was
final, and I couldn’t help but shiver at the dominance in his voice.

I gave Breyona a quick call, telling her to grab Mason and head over to my place as soon as she could.
She asked if my Grandma had talked to me, promising she’d be right over.

I looked around my bedroom, the one I had since the day I was born. Everything I owned was in here. All
of my belongings tucked in their own spot. I could pack everything up easily, but I couldn’t take the
memories with me. Like the time Sean and I were wrestling and he fell off the bed, breaking his nose in
the process. Or the time I stepped on a staple and cried for hours, Sean was the one who consoled me. I
couldn’t help but feel strange about moving from this house. I had the strong feeling that once I left, I
wouldn’t be moving back.

A soft knock sounded on my bedroom door, and I looked over as Breyona and Mason stepped into my

“Jeez.” I chuckled, “You got here in under three minutes.”

Mason looked a little frazzled, while Breyona gave me a triumphant smile.

“She ran two stop signs on the way here.” Mason pursed his lips, giving Breyona a hard look. “And
scraped the curb.”

“Nonsense.” Breyona glared at Mason, “I am an impeccable driver.”

I couldn’t help but snicker at my two friends. Mason plopped down on one side of my bed, while Breyona
draped herself over the other.

“So..” Breyona trailed off, her eyes full of understanding. “How are you doing?”

I chuckled dryly at Breyona and her absolute lack of subtly, “I’m managing. I don’t think it’s really sunken
in yet, but what can I really do about it?”

“Half Vampire.” Mason murmured, “Can you do anything cool?”

I chuckled at Mason, “I don’t think so, I don’t even have fangs.” I grinned at Mason and cackled as he
examined my canine teeth.

“Nope, no fangs.” Mason frowned, “Been craving blood lately?”

I shuddered, “No actually, I have not.”

“Good sign, good sign.” Mason nodded, but a teasing smile formed on his cute face. “I think it’s cool. Use
it to your advantage.”

“That’s a good point.” I smiled softly at him.

“And we won’t tell anyone.” Breyona nodded, zipping her lips and throwing away the key.

“Thanks for that.” I chuckled, “If my secret leaks out, I’ll know who did it.”

“And then she’ll use her secret Vampire powers on us.” Mason shuddered with a goofy grin on his face.

“You wanna see Vampire powers?” I smirked, lifting my eyebrow at his shocked expression. “Take this!”

I lunched at Mason, knocking him off the bed and onto the floor. A loud ‘oomph’ sound came from his
mouth as we tumbled to the floor. I was sitting on his stomach, my hands lifted as though I were going to
claw him. A devious grin was etched onto my face.

“Very scary, Vampire Princess.” Mason smirked, feigning a look of fear.

Maya grumbled every time the word Vampire was mentioned, but truthfully she enjoyed the company of
our friends.

“Oh no.” Breyona shook her head, “I’m not being left out.”

Breyona leaped from the bed using her best war cry, landing on Mason and I. The two of us grunted in
pain as Breyona lay sprawled out on top of us.

“Aren’t you gonna call me Werewolf Princess, lover boy?” Breyona smirked down at Mason, sticking her
tongue out at him teasingly.

An adorable blush spread on Mason’s face as he struggled to pull himself free of Breyona and I.

My bedroom door flew open, revealing my shocked Dad and amused Grandma.

“I heard a bunch of noise.” Dad grumbled, his brows furrowing in confusion.

“We fell?” Breyona grinned at my Dad from the floor, and Grandma chuckled enthusiastically.

“I’m old, I wasn’t born yesterday.” Dad cocked his eyebrow at Breyona, his grumpy gaze flickering to

“You’re not old.” Breyona scoffed, “Thirty five isn’t old at all.”

My jaw dropped when a deep blush formed on my Dad’s face. His eyebrows lifted in surprise as he
registered what Breyona said.

“Thirty five.” Dad nodded to himself, stalking off down the hallway with his hand rubbing the back of his

Grandma chuckled, “Flattery always works if you know how to use it. Glad to see you kids having fun.”

She was right about one thing, Breyona and Mason had successfully taken my mind off of everything
that happened last night. I wasn’t feeling so terrible about being half-vampire. My Vampire father was
most likely rotting in the ground somewhere, which didn’t bother me in the slightest.

“Speaking of fun.” I chuckled sheepishly, “I kinda need help packing my entire room.”

Breyona lifted her eyebrow, “I expect payment in the form of Grandma’s cooking.”

“Can I have Grandma’s cooking too?” Mason’s goofy grin formed on his face, lighting up his eyes.

“Of course you can.” Grandma nodded, a grin on her face. “How does roasted chicken, mashed potatoes
and diced carrots sound?”

“Lets get packing.” Mason grinned, hopping to his feet. “I’m starving.”

“Don’t be stingy with the mashed potatoes either!” Breyona yelled out to my Grandma’s retreating figure,
her laughter filling the hallway.

Grandma brought us up a bunch of boxes, and the three of us got to work. It wasn’t very hard packing
the contents of my bedroom. I didn’t need any of my bedding or furniture, the pack house was fully
loaded. All I needed was my clothes, toiletries, and some odds and ends.

“Why–do–you–have–so–many–shoes!” Mason grunted, shoving each shoe deep into a large box. Each
time Mason spotted a new pair of shoes, his grimace deepened.

“Lola actually has a fair amount of shoes.” Breyona nodded in approval, “I have so much more shoes
than this. My poor mate’s going to be out of his mind.”

“Your mate!” I gaped, scolding myself for forgetting. “Ugh, I’m so sorry I forgot!”

Breyona shook her head, “You’ve had an eventful night–and morning. It’s all forgiven.”

“So..” I grinned, “Did you find him?”

Breyona feigned disappointment but a grin broke out on her face at the sound of my gasp.

“I did.” Breyona jumped in excitement, “His name is Giovanni, hes Italian and yes he is absolutely
smoking hot.”

I lifted my eyebrow and whistled for her benefit, she already seemed crazy about the guy.

“You’ll have to bring him over sometime.” I grinned at her and noticed as something flashed in her eyes.

“I will sometime.” Breyona grinned, all traces of the weird flash gone. “He’s human and in college, so it
might take some time.”

“Take all the time you need.” I nodded, “Everything is hectic.”

“You can say that again.” Breyona chuckled, and I couldn’t help but feel like her comment held another