Alpha Asher By Jane Doe

Chapter 37

Read Alpha Asher [by Jane Doe] – Unknown P.o.v

I had known from the beginning; trusting Tyler Vail was a f**king mistake. The pampered mutt had come
scrambling to us, his b***h in tow. He was frantic, reeking with the fear that made me want to retch.

His proposition was intriguing to say the least.

G******g; Odds, were my forte. Betting was something I enjoyed, something I excelled in. Reading the
emotions on a person’s face was child’s play, but if you did it right it could reveal the things they wish to
keep secret.

Revenge, his motivation; as it typically is. His beloved pack was taken, due to his own ignorance and
foolishness. Now he needed aid, help to destroy the enemies that threatened his way of life.

Looking at Tyler Vail, it was clear to see he was a weak excuse for a werewolf. He lacked the pulsating
power that surrounded an Alpha. His b***h clung to his side, reeking of fear. I had not met a Luna in this
lifetime, but I was knowledgeable about their way of life. She lacked confidence, conviction and from the
looks of it her loyalty to her mate was faulty.

They had come to us knowing they would never survive on their own. They needed us.

We could care less for the pampered mutts, living in their pristine packs. Happiness, love and respect for
all as a f**king motto. The weakness was pathetic. Their civilized pack-life left them with their guard
down, and ripe for the picking.

I was born; destined to become second-in-command. The title had ran in my family for many

The pampered mutts would call my group a “pack”, but that is not something we wish to go by. Life in my
“pack” was cold and cruel, the only thing that mattered was surviving and pleasing the King. We have no
Alpha, we have a King.

I had been raised to praise our King above all else; to serve him and his purpose until the end of my life.
I had spent my childhood elated with that fact, my heart full of purpose and determination. Everything
had been perfect; Until I met her.

Tyler Vail and his b***h had managed an audience with our King. I was sure the two of them would not
leave the room alive; in fact, I was eager for it. Tyler Vail had a sense of arrogance that followed him, a
slimy sense of entitlement. If only he knew how fragile his position truly was. Alpha’s come and go,
King’s remain.

“Alpha Asher Desmond.” The name left Tyler Vail’s thin lips; and I knew our fate was sealed.

Alpha Asher Desmond, Alpha to the largest pack in the world. An enemy to all who refused to adapt to
his lifestyle. In a world full of many species, not all were—cut out, for the “pack-life”.

Tyler Vail had our King’s attention; something that was rare. It was easy to see the hatred in Tyler Vail’s
eyes. He detested our way of life, disagreed with it wholeheartedly.

With our King’s interest peaked, I and the rest of his men were ushered into another room. Everyone
took a seat around a large table, Tyler Vail and his b***h were off to the side. Tyler Vail contained his
hatred and fear behind a mask, his b***h did not have the skill to do the same. Her beady little eyes
darted around the room, her disdain thick in the air.

An hour passed—followed by two hours. A deal was finally struck.

Tyler Vail wanted Alpha Asher Desmond out of the way; wiped from History permanently. Our King was
more than willing to provide his assistance, the young Alpha posed a threat to many. It was time the
power shifted, handed to another.

Tyler Vail and his b***h—who apparently does not enjoy being called that, requested some form of
protection. Our King was not a generous man, nor was he forgiving. I was struck with surprise when he
offered a handful of men to be at their disposal. The men were of lower ranks, but they were able bodies
capable of action.

Once the pampered mutt’s left, our King turned and faced us. We were his inner circle, the men he
trusted with the most information.

“My Lord, are we truly going to help them?” Antonio asked, his hardened face held a mask of confusion.

The rest of us stilled, waiting for our King’s reaction or command.

“We will aid in ridding the world of the putrid Alpha.” Our King nodded, his fingertips grazing across his
skin as he was lost in thought. “But we will never allow another to take over.”

“What would you have us do?” Antonio had spoken up again.

Antonio was one of the newer recruits into the inner circle; he was bold with his words, and his

Our King paused, something dark flickering across his eyes. “Instill fear in them, while we gather men. I
want them blind and afraid before we strike.”

The King turned to Antonio, and I watched calmly at what unfolded next.

“Cripple their senses.” The King spoke softly. Faster than Antonio could register, the King’s sharpened
nail grazed both of his eyes.

A scream filled the silent room; Antonio’s scream. Thick blood sprayed the ground our King walked on,
but he continued speaking. A weeping vertical line across Antonio’s face sprouted, his eyes nearly split
in two. His wails filled the room, yet none of us reacted.

“Leave them a paranoid mess.” The King continued speaking softly, “And when they least expect it.”

The King approached Antonio’s cowering form. Antonio’s hands were over his bleeding eyes, and the
King forced him to his feet.

“End them.” The King spoke with finality, swiping his lengthened nail across Antonio’s throat.

The scent of coppery blood filled the room, thick and heavy in the air. A gurgle left Antonio’s mouth
before his body collapsed to the floor with a heavy thud. The man was too bold; too inexperienced in
dealing with the King. It was a miracle his d***h had not come sooner.

“Am I understood?” The King turned to the rest of us.

None of us said a word; we didn’t need to. The King knew we understood, knew we would follow his
commands without hesitation.

“Cloak your scent.” The King murmured, “They mustn’t know of us yet. I want them in the dark about the
very force that threatens to eradicate them.”

A month of stakeouts, break-in’s and spying before a wild card was thrown into the mix.

A wildcard named Lola.

We had been keeping close tabs on Alpha Asher Desmond’s pack for a month now, learning their routine
and their way of life.

I took one glance at Alpha Asher Desmond and knew he was a force to be reckoned with. The King
asked my opinion, something he did only when he wanted to know my input on the odds. I told him the

truth, that Alpha Asher Desmond would not fall easily.

Rumors were buzzing around the territory we observed, rumors surrounding a girl. The girl had strong
ties with Tyler Vail, leaving after he discovered his mate. Things had been shaken up by her arrival.

‘A new player.’ My thoughts churned with interest, my gut telling me she was no pawn.

My curiosity was staggering, an emotion I hadn’t felt in years. I had no self-control at the time, peering
down at her through her window. It was when I first set eyes on her, that I noticed something strange.

Her scent; it was—different.

Only a seasoned hunter could notice such a minuscule difference. Whatever was unique about her, it
was buried deep. Suppressed through out the years, waiting to be unleashed.

I pulled my phone out, snapping a picture of her sleeping figure. Her face serene and peaceful, dark
lashes framing her large eyes.

I learned all I could of the girl, of the family she lived and ate with. When I was satisfied with my findings,
I approached the King.

I kept my tone polite, yet strong. Our King hated weakness, snuffed the signs out before they could grow.
He listened to my council, heeding my words about the girl. The King was exceptionally skilled at
keeping his inner thoughts from his face, but no wall was ever perfect.

The King was someone I had difficulty reading; someone whose emotions I tried to ignore.

I showed the King the picture I had taken of the girl. Curiosity flashed across the King’s eyes; then

“I want her under close watch.” The King ordered, bringing in additional men.

“Leave her notes.” The King ordered me personally, “I want her aware of our presence, but reveal

“Yes, my Lord.” I nodded, and left the room.

I had yet to discover the importance of the young girl–but my curiosity would not allow me to stop. I
needed a clear view of the situation, knowledge of all the players and components in this large game.

The first k**l had been planned out extensively–their patrol team’s monitored closely. The victim was a
girl named Katie, I believe. All that stood out about the victim was her flaming locks.

Tearing her throat had been easy enough–I wiped the blood from my hands, speeding into the darkness
as two wolves came into view.

I noticed Lola immediately, the feeling I had buried within me came to life at the sight of her dark wolf.

She looked at me, her bright eyes burning into the darkness at where I stood. It was clear she saw
nothing, but her eyes were right where they needed to be.

The breeze shifted–and even in her wolf form, I caught the scent. The wild card; the key player had a
secret even she was not aware of.

Lola was a half-breed.