Alpha Asher By Jane Doe

Chapter 42

Alpha Asher [by Jane Doe] – Alpha Asher’s P.o.v

Infuriating; the first word I thought of when Lola popped into mind.

Addicting; the second word that described the little ball of fire that constantly tormented me.

She had disobeyed me from the very beginning. Such a simple task I had given her.

Arrive to training—on time.

She came late, making quite an entrance.

I was beginning to realize the many qualities of Lola, the faults that made her even more intoxicating.

The way her lower lip would jut out in a pout–without her realizing she had done so. Her bright eyes
innocent, a hint of mischievousness twirling in their depths. Her penchant for being late—punctuality did
not come easy for Lola.

These qualities angered me to no end; but also served to draw us closer.

She enjoyed pissing me off, that was obvious. I enjoyed exerting my dominance over her, making her
see I was the one in control.

It was clear she hated this, and yet a part of her wanted me to have control. She wanted to be powerless
under someone else, their body writhing against her own flushed with sweat and arousal.

I could smell her arousal in her small bedroom, swirling around the two of us. She enjoyed my
dominance, enjoyed the force behind my touch. After that moment, I knew she was made for me.

Being an Alpha has it’s perks, and it’s downfalls.

Respect, authority, obedience. These were helpful in my work-life, not so much my love life.

Women did not pique my interest. They bowed as they met me, showered me with adoration and
respect. They never pressed boundaries, never wanted to anger or upset me. It was the constant
walking on eggshells that pissed me off.

They feared me; rightfully so but I had never k****d members of my own pack. I k****d traitors, rogues,
and murderers.

Women pursued me, but were all too dainty and complacent. They needed my strength to carry them,
needed me to make decision for them. They never spoke out, never did as they pleased.

I wanted a mate; not a s*x-slave.

Lola was a fire in the middle of the antarctic. Beautiful, wild, and somewhat out of control. She burned as
she pleased, heeding the advice of none.

Her Grandmother had been the first to tell me what happened that night. The truth of her heritage had
stunned me into silence–something that never happened before.

While this fact was disturbing and unsettling, I knew where Lola’s loyalty lied. She might’ve been
disobedient, but she was fiercely loyal to those she cared about.

Half-blooded, many werewolves were half-bloods. None however were half-vampire. Even as an Alpha,
not much was known about Vampires.

I wouldn’t let this fact affect my pack. I more so wondered how this would affect her, how she would
handle it.

“She’s strong.” My wolf murmured, “If anyone can handle this, she can.”

What sent fury rushing through my veins like acid, was the scarlett mark bright on her neck.

I had never seen such a mark before. For just a split second, I hoped it was a tattoo. Something about it
glinted cruelly, as if telling the world she now belonged to one of them.

I wanted–I needed to know more, to know how to remove the hideous mark from her creamy skin.


The name left her lips effortlessly, mixed with a tone of confusion. Her voice was soft, much too soft to be
speaking of another man.

Alpha’s were inherently possessive, a trait I embraced in her presence.

My control slipped that night, but I had done nothing to mend it. I sent her over the edge countless times
that night, each time watching the pain and bliss on her face.

I marked her chest with my lips and teeth, feeling the need to overpower the hideous mark on her

I was a determined man. By the end of the night, her body would respond only to my touch. It would
remember the pleasure I had brought.

I had used everything at my disposal to send her tumbling into bliss, everything but what she wanted.
O****m after org**m she pleaded for the one thing I wouldn’t give her. She wanted me entirely, but bad
girls often never got what they wanted.

She had forgotten who she belonged to. I didn’t need a mark to claim her, her body responded to me in a
way that couldn’t be replicated.

Her back arched as wave after wave of pleasure hit her, and I made sure to watch her face each time.

She fed on the pain mixed with bliss; fed on the feel of her sensitive core under my touch. Not once did
she beg me to stop. Through all of the whimpers, the pleads, she had never once uttered the word ‘stop’.

Well into the morning, I let her fall asleep. Leaving her in her own bed crossed my mind, but I couldn’t
force myself to move. Instead, I pulled the covers over her clad body.

The creamy skin of her back was uncovered, giving me a good view of her round bottom.

The taste of her skin lingered on my tongue, sweet and rich.

I awoke by the sound of her shuffling from bed. Possesive pride flowed through me as I looked at the
purple marks on her skin. The color purple was prominent on her chest, distracting me from the ugly red

I wanted to stay–wanted to spend the day with her but life had other plans. There was work that needed
to be done, especially now that I had left early.

The signs were beginning to line up, pointing at Vampires as the cause of Kanyon and Katie’s deaths.

After leaving Lola, I headed down to my office to place a few phone calls.

Alpha’s from other packs were coming to visit, willing to lend their aid against the Vampires. Many did not
believe me, but they soon would. As the largest pack in the world, I held the power to call meetings such
as these. Packs would comply if they wished to remain independent. It was all too easy to k**l an Alpha
and absorb his pack.

My phone calls lasted well into the evening, finally gaining an agreement between the irritating Alpha’s.

Alpha Julian had just been with his mate. The woman had just given birth to a set of triplets, just two
years after the birth of their son. I excused them from the meeting, wishing them the best of luck.

I requested the appearance of the packs closest to us, also calling in more warriors of my own.

Alpha Zeke, Alpha Bran, and Luna Freya would be on their way come tomorrow.

Alpha Zeke was a long time friend, and I often provided aid when he asked. Alpha Bran was an
insufferable a*****e at the best of times. Luna Freya ran her husbands pack after his d***h, waiting until
their son became of age.

Room needed to be made to accommodate the new faces. The pack house would be full of people,
something I detested. Sacrifices were in order to fit the amount of warriors coming to our aid.

I walked back to my suite at the end of the night, a migraine forming at my temples. Working with other
Alpha’s was a nightmare. Often they believed themselves stronger, challenging me until my patience

I watched as Lola entered her own suite, she hadn’t noticed me coming down the hall.

It was difficult, turning into my own bedroom. I wanted to tear her door down and drag her back, demand
she stay in my room from now on. I couldn’t give into those urges, not yet. Not until she was fully mine.

The night was quiet. After a couple drinks, and reading over a couple safety reports, I turned in for bed.

Sleep was not something that came easy when an entire pack rested on your shoulders. After a couple
hours, the bedroom around me began to fade.

“Alpha Asher!” A voice in my mind hissed, alarm in her voice. “Alpha Asher!”

I shot from bed. My mind a jumbled, sleep infested mess. Sleep clouded my eyes, but the voice in my
head was clear.

Breyona–Lola’s friend.

“Alpha Asher, they have her! The Vampires have Lola.” Breyona hissed as though she needed to keep
quiet, “The swimming hole, their at the swimming hole!”