Alpha Asher By Jane Doe

Chapter 47

Read Alpha Asher [by Jane Doe] – Alpha Asher refused to let me leave his side, something
that frustrated me to no end. He was a man of his word, refusing to let me stray more than five feet from
his side.

I tried darting down the hallway, only to be dragged back a moment later. Alpha Asher was pissed, but I
decided the look on his face made it worthwhile.

Being good was much harder than I thought.

‘As much as I enjoy being stuck with him, he can’t keep us here forever.’ Maya rolled her eyes, hating
being watched over.

So, we made a mistake, but we also learned something from the horrible experience. Something had
happened to Sean. Tristan could have been lying, saying what he needed to throw me off guard. But
could I really let my brother’s life hinge on a potential lie? No, I had to treat it as though he were telling
the truth.

Alpha Asher led me down the hall, and to the top of the stairs. He stopped abruptly, making me slam into
his muscular back and nearly fall to the floor.

“A little warning next time.” I grumbled, steadying myself on my feet.

“We’re skipping training today.” Alpha Asher grunted, his body facing the stairs.

“What?” I frowned, “Why?”

I enjoyed training. Well, when I wasn’t partnered with Alpha Asher.

“Two Alpha’s from neighboring packs are here today, along with a Luna from a different pack.” Alpha
Asher turned to face me, “You’re meeting them with me.”

“Me?” I choked out. I didn’t have any business meeting with Alpha’s, that was his job. “Just get Beta
Devin to babysit me or something.”

I grumbled the last part, clearly fed up with watched.

“No.” Alpha Asher’s voice was hard, his eyes burning into my own. “Only I will watch you. I don’t trust
anyone else to watch you.”

“Paranoid much?” I rolled my eyes, “No one’s going to a****k me.”

“Let me rephrase.” Alpha Asher smirked, his body only inches from my own. “I think you’ll escape if
someone else watches you, but you won’t get away from me.”

‘We’ll see about that.’ Maya grumbled.

‘Now who has the d***h wish?’ I snickered.

‘I’m past believing he’ll k**l us.’ Maya shrugged, ‘If anything, his punishments are worth the trouble.’

‘You can say that again.’ I nodded, in agreement with my wolf.

“I would never.” I scoffed, my hand on my heart.

Alpha Asher’s husky scent swirled around me, mingling with the fresh smell of his cologne. It took all my
willpower to stay in control, resisting the urge to leap on him in the middle of the hallway.

Alpha Asher smirked, but didn’t comment.

“Alpha Zeke is a friend of mine. Alpha Bran is an insufferable p***k. And Luna Freya is here on behalf of
her pack.” Alpha Asher informed me.

“Luna Freya?” I frowned, “Where’s the Alpha?”

“D**d.” Alpha Asher stated bluntly, “Died in an a****k a few years ago. Luna Freya runs the pack until her
son becomes of age.”

“Oh.” I nodded, unsure what else to say.

“If Alpha Bran becomes to insufferable, don’t fight back. He’ll only enjoy it.” Alpha Asher smirked and
began walking down the stairs.

I followed silently, unsure what my place was in this entire situation. My cheeks flushed pink when I
realized what the other Alpha’s would think once they saw me. Some strange girl of no ranking following
around the Alpha.

They would think I was sleeping with him.

‘If only.’ Maya rolled her eyes, ‘But no, he just torments us to d***h.’

Beta Devin was the first person I saw as we came into the living room. A knowing smirk was on his face
as he saw me.

“Good to see you up and walking, Lola.” Beta Devin nodded his head, a glimmer of humor in his eyes.

Beta Devin seemed all too familiar with the strange relationship I had with Alpha Asher. I wasn’t sure how
much Alpha Asher confided in Beta Devin, but it seemed he found the whole situation amusing.

“Thanks.” I mumbled, lifting my eyebrow at him. “Now I’m on house arrest.”

“Can you really blame him?” Beta Devin chuckled lowly as his eyes went from me to Alpha Asher.

“No.” I grumbled.

I really couldn’t blame Alpha Asher, but that didn’t make me accept the situation easier. I needed to go
after my brother, but I had no clue how I would do that.

I could always try sneaking out again, but the chances of that working a second time were slim.

Would Alpha Asher let me sleep in my own room? Or was I stuck sleeping with him?

Another round of blush filled my cheeks. The thought of sharing a bed with Alpha Asher made me both
excited and nervous. How much trouble could I get into being glued to his side?

When we rounded the corner, I noticed the three other people in the room.

I couldn’t tell who Alpha Zeke or Alpha Bran was, but Luna Freya stood out clearly.

She was extremely tall, with long legs and fair skin. Her hair flowed down her back in waves of wheat
colored silk. She had to be in her early forties, yet she looked amazing for her age. Fine lines lingered on
the corners of her eyes, and some lingered on the corners of her mouth. Her eyes looked tired yet
incredibly alert.

One of the two Alpha’s had golden colored hair, sitting messy on his head. He was good looking, but the
smirk on his face made me weary. He had the same athletic build that all werewolves have, paired with
rippling muscles and a dazzling smile.

The second Alpha had hair darker than Alpha Asher’s. His face was much more angular than the golden-
haired Alpha. His eyes were a startling shade of blue.

“Alpha Zeke.” Alpha Asher’s lips twitched into a grin, something I had never seen on his face before.

He approached the dark-haired Alpha and gripped his hand tightly. Alpha Zeke’s face broke out into a
lopsided grin. Alpha Zeke looked quite frightening when he was just standing there, but a grin wiped the

intimidation away. His smile lit up his face, making him look like a little kid.

As strange as it sounded, jealousy flooded through me. Why hasn’t Alpha Asher smiled for me? Granted,
I have not done much to make him smile.

“Alpha Bran.” Alpha Asher’s tone had clearly changed. It took on a more formal tone, his handshake less

“Alpha Asher, quite a lovely town you have here.” Alpha Bran remarked, his eyes flickering to the floor-to-
ceiling windows that looked out into the front yard.

“It’s one of many.” Alpha Asher nodded, moving onto Luna Freya.

“Luna Freya, it’s a pleasure to finally meet you.” Alpha Asher’s hard tone had thawed in the slightest. He
gripped her hand firmly, treating her the same as he had the two Alpha’s.

“Alpha Bran is correct.” Luna Freya nodded, shooting Alpha Bran a weary glance. “This town is quite
lovely. Everything looks so new.”

“Those who live here are quite proud of this little town.” Alpha Asher nodded, a polite smile on his face.

I hadn’t even considered the fact that Alpha Asher didn’t truly live here. The ‘capital’ of his pack was
somewhere else. He had just made our little town home after taking over the pack. I couldn’t help but
wonder where he had lived before. Did he have any family? Any siblings?

“And who is this little thing?” Alpha Bran peaked around Alpha Asher, a cocky grin on his face.

“Lola.” I nodded, giving Alpha Bran a blank look.

I could easily see why Alpha Asher didn’t care for him. Alpha Bran seemed to press boundaries, making
himself much too comfortable. Maya already hated the Alpha, most likely because of Alpha Asher’s
earlier comment.

“Took over the pack and found yourself a nice little bed warmer.” Alpha Bran grinned at Alpha Asher,
“Nice job, she’s a pretty little thing. Mind if I grab one while I’m here?”

My hand instantly clapped over my mouth as a snort fell from my lips.

Luna Freya’s light-colored eyes were on me instantly, gauging my reaction. Alpha Bran’s golden eyebrow
cocked, as he too noticed my reaction.

I noticed the corner of Alpha Asher’s lip turn up, his eyes glinting in amusement as he looked at Alpha

“Something funny, doll?” Alpha Bran cocked his golden eyebrow at me, his eyes much too interested for
my liking.

“Yeah.” I snorted, “You think any female in this pack will want you. That’s some bold thinking.”

I couldn’t hold the words back, they spewed from my mouth like an unleashed geyser. Restraint had
never been one of my skills, but now I needed it more than ever.

Luna Freya chuckled silently, but Alpha Bran stared at me with an intensity that made me uncomfortable.
I stifled the urge to shift where I stood, reigning my emotions in. Relief flooded through me when a grin
broke out on Alpha Bran’s face.

“Can I have her?” Alpha Bran turned his attention to Alpha Asher, who looked to be silently fuming.

‘Can I have her?’ Maya scoffed, ‘Why does everyone think they can own us?’

“I’m not an object.” I scoffed, giving Alpha Bran an incredulous look. “Touch me and I’ll break your hand.
I’m not against fighting an Alpha.”

After the words left my mouth, I realized the mistake I had made. Alpha Bran chuckled, showing a set of
perfectly straight teeth.

‘Um—Lola.’ Maya sounded worried. ‘That sounded like a challenge.’

My stomach dropped.

“Is that a challenge little she-wolf?” Alpha Bran smirked, “Think you could stand against me?”

I felt Alpha Asher tense beside me, his eyes locked on Alpha Bran. I let my eyes roam over Alpha Bran’s
body. His smirk widened, thinking I was checking him out. I was checking him out, just not how he
thought. I was sizing him up. He was large, but not as muscular as Alpha Asher. I doubted he had the
same speed Alpha Asher had, making me faster than him.

‘What are we going to do?” Maya groaned, ‘You can’t just say no. You’re the one that started this.’

‘We’re going to finish what we started, but we’re also going to win.’ I nodded, gathering what remaining
courage I had.

‘Fine, not that I have a choice.’ Maya huffed, ‘But after this, we’re having a serious conversation about
your self-control.

‘Deal.’ I nodded, already dreading that conversation.

“Sure, why not.” I shrugged, but my insides were a mess.

My big mouth had gotten me into yet another problem. Challenging an Alpha wasn’t something to take
lightly. Werewolves entire society was built on respect and pride. Alpha’s possessed those two qualities
in abundance. Once a challenge was issued, you couldn’t refuse. Another downside of this was this—
because I’m female, I have no claim on the pack if I win.

I could feel Alpha Asher’s anger rolling off him in waves, but denying an Alpha made you an
embarrassment to your pack. I let the nerves take me over, remembering what Chris had once told me.

‘Let the fear in, but don’t let it control you. Fear can keep you alive.’

“Let’s make this interesting then.” Alpha Bran shrugged, but his eyes were dancing with excitement.

“Name your terms.” I crossed my arms over my chest, grimacing as Alpha Bran’s eyes followed the

“If I win—I get you.” Alpha Bran grinned widely, “If you win—I’ll provide all of my men towards our little

“Not a chance.” I shook my head, “I’d never let myself belong to you.”

Alpha Asher snarled, his dark eyes narrowing on Alpha Bran. Alpha Asher’s reaction startled me. He told
me I belonged to him ten times now, but I never actually believed it. Yet here he was, staking his claim on
me in front of two Alpha’s and a Luna.

“Looks like your Alpha’s pretty protective over you.” Alpha Bran smirked, “And you said your not a bed

“I can beat him.” I whispered lowly to Alpha Asher.

“Fine, if I win—I get you for one night.” Alpha Bran smirked, “And of course, if you win you can take all of
my men.”

“One night.” I cringed inwardly.

One night with someone like Alpha Bran could mean a lot. I didn’t need details to understand what he
wanted in that one night. The hidden meaning in his words spoke loud and clear. By the morning, I
wouldn’t be a v**gin anymore.

“Deal.” I nodded, wishing I could start this entire day over.