Alpha Asher By Jane Doe

Chapter 51

Read Alpha Asher [by Jane Doe] – Lola’s P.o.v

We had finally stopped training some time in the afternoon. I was exhausted and sore, but I could tell
Alpha Asher had been holding back. I’m sure he didn’t want to sap all my strength, leaving me tired and
sore come tomorrow.

We walked to the kitchens together in silence. The smell of food wafted around the house, my stomach
replying appreciatively.

“Food.” I murmured, my tongue running along my lower lip.

Alpha Asher caught the action, his honey eyes burning into my lower lip.

“Alpha Zeke likes to cook.” Alpha Asher smirked, peeling his eyes from my mouth. “He makes himself at
home very quickly.”

We walked into the kitchen where Alpha Zeke stood. A white stain-filled apron was tied around his waist.
He had something white and powdery in his raven hair. His back was turned to us as he dropped
something into a boiling pot.

“Already made yourself at home?” Alpha Asher smirked, making our presence in the kitchen known.

“Y’know, I don’t have to share my food.” Alpha Zeke shook his head, “Very unappreciative of you, Alpha

“I’m appreciative.” I called out, a hand on my rumbling stomach. “It smells amazing.”

“Why thank you.” Alpha Zeke gave me a wide smile, “Come have a seat.”

I ignored the look of anger on Alpha Asher’s face and stalked over to the kitchen island. I wasn’t sure
what his problem was, but I’m sure I’d deal with it later. I pulled myself onto one of the island stools and
waited patiently.

“I make my own pasta, y’know.” Alpha Zeke smiled smugly, loading some pasta onto a plate.

Alpha Zeke placed a plate in front of me, smiling as I dug in greedily. I shot Alpha Asher a lopsided grin
as he narrowed his eyes at me. Alpha Zeke relented, handing Alpha Asher a plate of food.

The three of us dug into our food, Alpha Zeke filled the silence. At first glance, anyone would find Alpha
Zeke terrifying. His build was huge, his muscles extremely defined. His personality was anything but. He
kept the conversation flowing effortlessly, his laugh was contagious. He was someone I could see myself
becoming friends with easily. I wondered how someone like Alpha Zeke became friends with Alpha

I was very fond of Alpha Asher, but that didn’t mean I ignored his flaws. He was so serious all of the time.
Anger was one of his primary emotions. I couldn’t remember ever seeing him genuinely smile, the
thought tormenting me more than it should have.

“So, what is a fiery thing like you doing with a hot-headed Alpha?” Alpha Zeke turned his full attention on
me. His light eyes were captivating, rooting me in place until my face flushed red.

What was I supposed to say? That I pissed Alpha Asher off, making him crave my body? There wasn’t a
chance in h**l I was going to say that.

‘If only he knew.’ Maya snickered, ‘Judging from the look on his face, he already does.’

“Hot headed?” Alpha Asher lifted his eyebrow at Alpha Zeke.

Alpha Zeke looked at Alpha Asher deadpan, “I said what I said. Are you denying it?”

“Not at all.” Alpha Asher shook his head, “Simply making an observation.”

“Now, how did the two of you meet?” Alpha Zeke looked from Alpha Asher to I, his light eyes probing and

“I moved away for a while, came back and Alpha Asher was in charge.” I shrugged, “I met him at

“After you were late for training.” Alpha Asher stated simply.

“It wasn’t my fault.” I narrowed my eyes at Alpha Asher, “It was a long day and I forgot to set an alarm.”

“Lola here is incapable of following instruction.” Alpha Asher informed Alpha Zeke.

Alpha Zeke’s eyes were flitting between the two of us, amusement shining in his light orbs.

“I’m not incapable.” I rolled my eyes, “It’s just—difficult.”

“Difficult?” Alpha Asher scoffed, “More like impossible.”

“I followed instructions pretty well yesterday if you ask me.” I huffed, crossing my arms over my chest.

My face turned red as Alpha Asher’s lips pulled up in a smirk. It was clear he knew what I was referring
to. The memory of his c**k filling my throat popped into my head, my legs clenching together out of habit.
Alpha Asher noticed the move, his eyes dark as they flickered down to my thighs.

“That you did.” Alpha Asher nodded, his dark eyes burning into my own. I could feel his desire as if it
were an extension of my own. It made finishing the rest of dinner difficult. Part of me hoped he would just
give in, finally giving me what I actually wanted. v**ginity be damned, I wanted every part of Alpha Asher.

Alpha Zeke remained quiet, his eyes flickering with the same amused light that Beta Devin had.

After we finished dinner, the two of us headed upstairs in silence.

I wasn’t sure if Alpha Asher would confine me to his bedroom again, not that I was opposed. I turned to
open my bedroom door, only to have Alpha Asher shut it in my face.

“You’re staying with me.” Alpha Asher smirked, his face inches from my own.

My heart hammered in my chest, all sorts of images popping into my head.

“I need to grab some clothes.” I raised my eyebrow at him, concealing my general nervousness that
seemed to appear whenever he was around.

“You don’t need clothes, Lola.” Alpha Asher leaned down, his lips grazing my ear.

His large hands gripped my waist, traveling down to squeeze my bottom. A yelp left my lips as his hands
gripped my bottom.

“You look so much better without them.” Alpha Asher murmured.

Alpha Asher lifted me from the ground, wrapping my legs around his torso. I clung on silently as he
opened the door to his bedroom. He walked the two of us into the bathroom and placed me on my feet.
His bathroom was abnormally large, much larger than the one in my suite. His bathtub had lights and jets
along the wall of the tub, big enough to fit an entire family.

Alpha Asher turned the faucet on, letting the steamy water splash into the tub. I was becoming much
more comfortable around Alpha Asher, yet his gaze still seared my skin. Every time I found myself alone
with Alpha Asher, I battled the same emotion. Perverse excitement would fill me, hoping he would finally
give me what I wanted. Some part of me was always nervous around Alpha Asher, butterflies in my
stomach fluttering when his lips would turn up in a smirk.

Alpha Asher turned to face me, his dark eyes roaming the length of my body. I was still wearing my
workout clothes from today, nothing special. Just a simple sports bra and a pair of leggings. My skin was
covered in a thin layer of sweat, and I’m sure I didn’t smell too pleasant. I couldn’t understand what he
saw in me at this moment.

“What are you thinking?” Alpha Asher smirked; his dark eyes locked on my own.

I was taken back by the question, and I’m sure it showed on my face.

“I’ve never had to ask before, you tend to say what’s on your mind without restraint.” Alpha Asher’s smirk
deepened as he noticed the look on my face.

“I’m just wondering what you see in me right now.” I scoffed, ignoring his earlier comment. “I’m just
wearing workout clothes. I’m sweaty and I’m sure I don’t smell the best.”

Alpha Asher’s eyes flashed darkly as he walked up to me. I no longer backed against the wall, instead I
stepped into his touch. His large hand gripped my face, turning my head to the side as he looked me

“Come over here.” Alpha Asher turned me around and walked over to the floor length mirror in his

I stood facing the mirror, Alpha Asher hovering behind me. His large hands glided up the length of my
body, squeezing my hips tightly before moving up to my bre*sts.

“I see how your nips harden every time you brush against me.” Alpha Asher leaned down and murmured
in my ear, his fingers grazing over my sports bra. As if by command, my nips stiffened under his touch.

His hands drifted lower, trailing down my stomach. He used his foot to spread my legs, his fingers trailing
over my pu**y.

The underwear I was wearing were thin, giving a good view of my pu**y through my leggings.

“I see this little thing, constantly tempting me.” Alpha Asher growled lowly in my ear. A quiet moan left my
lips as his fingers trailed over my pu**y.

My breath came out in small pants as his fingers pressed against the thin fabric. I could feel the moisture
forming between my legs, the sensitive spot between my legs awoken by his touch.

“And then there’s this.” Alpha Asher smirked against my neck, his hands roughly grabbing at my bottom.
A startled squeak left my mouth as his hand cupped my a*s, giving it a hard squeeze.

“It’s not my fault you can’t control your thoughts.” I rushed out, my face flushing as arousal hit me like a

“I can’t control my thoughts; you can’t control what comes out of that pretty little mouth.” Alpha Asher
chuckled against my neck, “Also, I happen to think you smell good.”

To further press the point, Alpha Asher inhaled deeply against my neck. I couldn’t deny, his scent
smelled amazing. Even covered in sweat and fatigue, his scent was delectable.

“Take off your clothes.” Alpha Asher murmured against my neck, sending a pleasurable chill down my

I went to turn around, to slide the clothes from my body when Alpha Asher stopped me. He held me
tightly in place, facing the mirror while he hovered behind me.

“Stay in front of the mirror.” Alpha Asher smirked, “I’ll help you.”

Alpha Asher didn’t hesitate as his fingers slipped beneath the hem of my sports bra, lifting it from my
head with ease. My brests bounced out one by one, his eyes following the motion hungrily. He watched
me through the mirror, his hands tracing patterns across my b**e skin until he reached my exposed

brests. After giving each one an appreciative squeeze, he hooked his fingers underneath the waistband
of my leggings.

My leggings dropped to the floor, followed by my underwear. I stood completely exposed to him, my face
heating under his dark gaze. His eyes devoured every inch of me, as though he hadn’t seen me nak*d
before. The hunger in his eyes never diminished, it only grew in power.

Just when I thought he might give in and finally give me what I wanted, he strolled over to the bathtub.

His c**k was hard and throbbing as he undressed, letting it spring from his underwear with ease. I was
practically drooling at the mouth as I took my time devouring him.

Broad shoulders covered with thick muscle. Every inch of his body was hard and defined. Alpha Asher
smirked, standing in place until I finished my eye assault.

“Are you coming?” Alpha Asher’s smirk deepened as he stepped into the bathtub.