Alpha Asher By Jane Doe

Chapter 76

Read Alpha Asher [by Jane Doe] – Breyona’s P.o.v

My mind was reeling the entire drive back to our pack’s territory. While I felt horrible for Mason and what
we had just witnessed, the only thing on my mind was Giovanni.

Guilt was a constant companion of mine since I had met Giovanni. I felt guilty because I couldn’t tell
anyone the truth, and because Giovanni was the only thing on my mind. Something had changed, he
had helped us get Sean free. No, he hadn’t turned his back on his kind but this was a start.

‘Sean will find his way to Lola, little she-wolf. I will make sure of it, but that is all I am able to do.’

Once those words left his lips, I knew I couldn’t give up.

Alpha Asher dropped me off at my house after we rescued Sean from the club. I stood on the front steps,
staring up at the dark house before me. The lights inside were off, as my parents hadn’t a clue what I
had done tonight. I told them the same excuse I’ve used multiple times, that I was staying the night at
Lola’s. They never questioned me, never thought to call Lola to see if I were telling the truth. My parents
trusted me, and yet I continuously betrayed that trust. I used that same excuse to go to my Aunt’s house,
to see Giovanni.

It took me a total of five minutes and thirty-seven seconds to decide my next move. A tugging sensation
formed in my gut, like a tether pulling me forward. My body reacted on its own accord, fishing my car
keys from my purse and darting over to the driveway. The leather seats of my car were cool against my
b**e thighs, but I hardly noticed. My hands trembled against the steering wheel at the thought of seeing
him again.

The entire drive that incessant tugging sensation grew, increasing my nerves and underlying excitement.
I knew what I was doing was wrong, but I couldn’t stop myself. I refused to have the same ending as

Mason and Adrienne. I refused to watch him take his last breath because he was on the wrong side of
this war. As selfish as it sounded, I didn’t care who he would be leaving behind by choosing our side. It
was an innate instinct to keep him alive, and how far I was willing to go for him terrified me to my core.

I pulled into the driveway of my Aunt’s house, letting out a ragged breath as I noticed a single light on
within the house. The ground was slick from previous rain, the pleasant scent of damp earth swirled
around the house. Water dripped from the roof of the house, hitting the ground in time with my
thundering heart.

My eyes found his instantly the moment I walked into the house. His dark curls were shining, as though
he had gotten caught in the rain. Little droplets stood out on his dark jacket, the rain making his mouth-
watering scent stronger.

Something seemed to shift inside him at the sight of me. The intense guard that kept his emotions in
place shattered as he lurched forward. Despite the chill in the house and his damp clothes, his hands
seared my skin through the dress I wore. After a single touch from him, I was no longer cold. A blistering
fire surrounded me, emanating from Giovanni.

His lips clashed against my own, soft and plush as we met hungrily. A deep noise sounded from his
throat as I threaded my fingers through his curly hair. I had spent many days wondering what his curls
would feel like beneath my fingers. I held his lips against my own, relishing in the taste of his skin. Pure
male musk mixed with something sweet, awakening my tastebuds and setting every nerve on fire.

Sparks devoured every inch of my skin, connecting the two of us in more ways than one. Two warring
species and yet this was our moment of peace, just a single moment where our family and friends
weren’t able to dictate the choices we made. A single moment where the two of us were able to love
freely, away from the prying eyes of our pack and family.

His arms remained wrapped tightly around my waist as our lips pulled apart. Fear and hurt settled in my
bones as I prepared for Giovanni to walk away for the third time. Instead of walking away, his grip
tightened around me. His deep eyes met my own, and the turmoil I saw within them send a flash of pain
through me.

“When I heard–” His voice was thick, tinged with the slight accent he sometimes had. “When I heard
Tristan sent Vampire’s after you–I thought you were d**d.”

“We got away, but we had to k**l them all.” I frowned at how weak my voice sounded, at the lingering fear
that circled my words.

I was afraid; afraid he would hear how we k****d his kind and abandon me once and for all. I thought I
was strong, that I could handle rejecting my Vampire mate. As I looked into the depth of his eyes, I saw
how weak I truly was. I could see what rejecting him would do to me. I wasn’t as strong as Mason or
Lola. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to survive losing Giovanni.

“I don’t care about them.” Giovanni snarled, but his words held a certain weight to them. Words that once
spoken, could never be taken back. “I care about you, Breyona.”

I wasn’t sure who made the first move; him or I. Our lips found each other’s with newfound vengeance. I
could taste the frustration on his tongue as it glided silkily against my own. I could feel the longing in his
hands as he gripped at the thin fabric of my dress. Our hands trailed the length of each other, roaming
over creamy skin, committing the feel to memory.

“Breyona–” He forced himself away, and I realized he had been grazing the skin underneath my dress. It
wasn’t lu*t that burned in his eyes, it was a longing so severe it nearly brought me to my knees. A dark
craving for affection and love burned in his eyes, a craving he continuously fought whenever I was

“I’m not sorry, Giovanni.” I breathed, trying to hear past my thundering heartbeat. “I’m not sorry for
wanting you to change sides, for knowing you’re better than the Vampire’s you pledge your loyalty to. I’m
not sorry for knowing you deserve so much more.”

For a second, I thought he would turn away from me, and leave me broken hearted yet again. Instead of
turning away, he stepped closer. He was teetering on the edge of a cliff, unsure whether to save himself
or to enjoy the blood-rushing fall. Without hesitation, I threw myself from the cliff and enjoyed every
moment of the fall. I wanted him, more than I had ever wanted anything. My soul called out to his own,
begged him to join me in the fall.

“I’m not sorry that I want you.”

The all-consuming sparks raced across my skin as Giovanni lifted me into his arms, darting down the hall
and into the first room that had a bed. His lips never left my own, his hands never stopped roaming my

As the thin quilt on the bed met my back, I looked up into Giovanni’s eyes and nearly gasped at the
wonder and awe burning within them. His hands clasped my waist lightly, as though he were afraid I’d
crumble into dust under his touch.

“Say it–say it again.”

“I want you, Giovanni.” I exhaled, relishing in the feel of his thundering heart against my own. I could see
the vulnerability in his eyes, the weakness this strong Vampire carried within him. Every emotion he
longed to experience was locked away, and I was the key.

His lips took their time tasting my skin, roaming over every creamy ounce until he had his fill. With each
breathless gasp that left my lips, his hunger seemed to intensify.

I cleared my mind, refusing to let myself thing of anything other than what was happening within these
walls. Nothing else mattered, nothing but the man who held half of my soul.

Neither of us needed to ask as we shed the clothes restricting us. We both had leaped from the cliff,
determined to enjoy the free-fall until we met the unforgiving ground.

I hadn’t heard the tear of my dress as he ripped it from my body, nor did I feel the cool breeze graze
against my skin. My panties were the last to go, as I hadn’t worn a bra with my form fitting dress. My skin
was on fire under Giovanni’s touch, warming me in ways I had only dreamed of experiencing.

As Giovanni’s clothes fell to the floor, I took in the wonderous man before me. Bronzed skin and dark
curly hair, a jaw line made purely of sharp edges, and a chiseled chest with a light spattering of dark hair.
Mouthwateringly beautiful, and all mine. From the unspoken awe in Giovanni’s eyes, he too was thinking
the same thing. His eyes devoured every inch of my skin, drinking in my nak*d form.

His lips trailed down my skin, taking my hardened nip in his mouth with a blissful groan. My body reacted
under his touch, relishing the hands and mouth that had been made to love and please us.

“I want to taste you.” He murmured softly, his large hands grazing against my inner thighs.

Wrapping his arms around my thighs, he brought my core to his face. His dark eyes searched my own,
looking for any trace of hesitance or regret. When he had found none, his tongue darted out and met my
sensitive flesh. My blissful whimpers encouraged him, and he lapped hungrily at my dampened folds.
Pleasureful sparks mixed with pure ecstasy, and I found myself coming undone under his skillful tongue.

After the waves of pure bliss had finally ended, his lips found my own. I moaned against his lips, savoring
the taste of myself on his tongue. My body reacted on its own, my hips bucking as the head of his length
pressed against my entrance. The intimacy burning in his eyes made my heart constrict, and something
within me had finally broken free.

“I don’t care what you are. You’re mine, Giovanni.”

With a grunt of pure ecstasy, Giovanni slid his length inside of me and groaned at the tightness of my
core. I dug my fingernails into his back as I struggled to fit his c**k within me. Stretching my walls to the
point of pain, I threw my head back and let loose a breathless moan.

“As you are mine, Breyona.” He murmured against my neck, thrusting deep within me.

As Giovanni took my body for his own, I couldn’t tell where I began and where he ended. A mess of
tangled limbs, sweat, and blissful moans. His brilliant eyes had never left my own, unable to hold back
the torrent of emotion he suppressed.

His husky moans filled my ear, making my pu**y throb painfully on his length. Once more the pressure
between my legs began to grow, spurred by the feral male between my legs. His mouth devoured every
inch of my skin, committing my taste to memory.

“That’s it.” He purred lowly in my ear, “Come for me.”

My nails dug painfully into his soft skin, my back arching as pleasure spanned my body and clouded my
mind. With a blissful moan I would never forget, Giovanni filled me with his seed.

I wrapped my arms around his torso, determined to prolong this moment. I wanted to leave the world
behind us, to hide within these walls and live out this fantasy. Once we left this house… I wasn’t sure I
could handle letting him go.

Something had changed within his eyes, something I thought was simply due to lu*t. For a moment, I
swore I could see his past within those dark eyes. A young boy, born for one purpose, forced to set his
own passions and desires aside for duty. He didn’t fight me as I clung to his smooth body, instead he
rolled to the side and pulled me against his chest.

“I’m afraid–after this, I do not want to leave.”

I could hear how difficult it was for him to speak those words, and what they truly meant to him.

“Then don’t.”

My mind was made up. I refused to let Giovanni go, I couldn’t.

“Stay with me, Giovanni.”