Alpha Asher By Jane Doe

Chapter 160

The moment her fist connected with my shoulder

; I knew Cassidy hadn’t been exaggerating . Emilia punched hard , like MMA level hard . Not only was
she strong , but she was fast too . She came at me without warning , without shifting into a stance that let
me know the battle had begun . She had hoped to catch me off guard , but Chris had skinned my hide
too many times for me to make that mistake again . His method of keeping me on my toes came in the
form of sneaking through my window in the dead of night .

If I weren’t o n my feet the second the window cracked open , I’d quickly find myself groaning on the
floor with the taste of blood in my mouth . His methods weren’t humane by any means , but they
worked . Boy , did they work . I used my small stature to weave in and out of her blows , a partner in a
painful dance that would surely leave me black and blue . If I weren’t a Luna or a Vampire , I might’ve
lost this fight . That being said , m y positions gave me power and speed , both of which I used in
abundance just to remain on my feet .

” You see how she’s not letting me knock her off balance … ” Emilia shouted to the class who watched
with overflowing interest despite the thick silence that enveloped the room . ” If you fall in battle , you
have seconds – seconds to act before your mistake becomes fatal . ” To prove her point , Emilia let me
knock her to the ground .

In a move that I would’ve done if the roles had been reversed , she kicked out with her long legs and
managed to clip my ankle in the process . My legs buckled from the sharp pain that danced up my
tendons and bone , but a quick roll to the side followed by a few sharp jabs kept me advancing forwards .
What ended our match was a sharp whistle that exploded from the back of the room .

I barely noticed it . The shrill sound couldn’t reach me , not while this sea of adrenaline churned in my
head , its frigid waters bursting with every technique , move , and tip I’d learned from Chris . When Emilia
faltered mid punch and I managed to land a crushing kick to the side of her ribcage , I knew the whistle
hadn’t been intended for me .

The warrior , whose prowess I actually found myself admiring fell to the ground . She recovered quickly ,
with speed I found impressive despite the fact that I was faster . Before she could make it to her feet , my
foot was at her throat . I kept it there , hovering above her pulse point , feeling the faint thud hit the
millimeter of air between us .

I could’ve used this moment to assert myself , to land a final blow that would prove to these wolves that I
wasn’t one to be messed with , but it was Emilia’s eyes that halted the idea in its tracks . They at me with
pride , but also just a stared up hint of fear . It was that fear that made me lower my foot and extend a
hand .

here , he’s got it . ” Emilia said through heavy breaths , smiling as she wiped the sweat from her forehead
The expression soured as she turned to glare daggers at the class . Even I had to repress the urge to
finch at the ferocity in her voice . ” Who did that ? ” For far too long the class stood in silence , most of
them cowering under her heavy stare .

I noticed quickly that Cassidy wasn’t one of them , and Emilia seemed to notice as well because her
eyes darkened t o a muddy brown when they registered her face and tense posture . Cassidy took a step
forward and Emilia’s mouth opened , but the high – pitched bleating of a cellphone rang out instead of
her voice . ” Apologies , I’m afraid I have to take this . ” Emilia murmured to the glass , though her eyes
remained on my tanned , narrow eyed friend She slipped from the room without another word , her shrill
ringtone fading a s she walked down the hall.

” Way to kick some ass , Luna ! ” Cassidy cheered when I ventured back to her side . A snicker escaped
her lips as she toyed with the end of her ponytail . ” Goddess , what a cathartic experience . I’ve been

waiting to see her get her ass kicked for years now . H ” You really don’t like her , huh ? ” I kept m y
laugh light but couldn’t help the way my head tilted with curiosity . Knowing she’d chew me out if I said
this aloud , I slid into her thoughts and asked the question circling my brain . ‘

Were you the one that whistled at her ? ” Cassidy’s eyes twinkled mischievously , and within their depths
I swore I saw something that reminded me of Chelsea . ‘ It was a bit harsh ; I know … but you have n o
clue how much she has coming to her . ‘ Her thoughts had a sour undertone that alerted me to how
much she disliked Emilia . With a quiet grunt she lowered herself to the floor and placed her back against
the wall . ‘ She seems friendly and approachable … can’t help but wonder what she did to make you hate
her so much . ” I said

truthfully , sitting down beside her as we waited for Emilia to return . ‘ Look … if I show you this , you
can’t tell anyone , got it ? I mean , obviously people already know , but they don’t speak about i t
because they’re all weaklings who fear m e … and rightfully so . ‘ Cassidy huffed , gnawing on her lower
lip until the pale pink of her skin turned red .

As she tucked the golden strands of her bangs behind her ear , a fuzzy image began to form in my head
, one that was pulled from the depths of someone else’s memory . ” Ugh , Cass wait up ! ” Brandon
shouted , his voice a few octaves higher and his appearance almost ten years younger . His feet seemed
to land in every single puddle , sending droplets of muddy water scattering into the air .

They seeped into the white t – shirt he wore , but only made the grin on his face widen . It was one of
playful joy and not the callous scowl I was used to seeing him wearing . ” Not a chance in hell ! Last time
I was it for two weeks . You’re not catching me anytime soon ! ” I heard Cassidy say , her

laugh exuberant as it rang in the ait like a symphony of delicate bells . I saw flashes o f golden curls
through the tall grass feet away . It swayed in the breeze , jostled by the light rain that continued to fall . ”
Only Asher can catch me ! He’s never it ! ” ” Asher’s in Alpha training , Cass . You know he doesn’t have

time to play anymore . ” Brandon’s little frown and furrowed brows squeezed at my heart hard enough for
me to memorize the forlorn look that lasted on his face for only a few precious seconds .

” Well I’m not coming out until he catches me . He promised he would this time ! ” She shouted from
deeper within the grass , her voice facing with each word tossed into the air . Brandon groaned loudly
and threw his hands in the air , ” Fine ! I’ll get Asher , but you have to promise you won’t sneak out while
I’m gone . That’s cheating , and cheating means you’re automatically it . ” H ” What ?! ” Cassidy squealed
in horror , You just made that rule up ! “

” Can’t hear you anymore – walking away now , going to get Asher . ” Brandon shouted , cupping his
hands around his lips as he backed away . When his small form vanished behind a hill , I saw a pale face
with bright blue eyes pop out of the grass . The cheeky grin belonged to Cassidy , though it was laced
with the fading innocence of a child hitting their teenage years . As she tip – toed out of the grass and
headed in the direction opposite to where Brandon went ,

I realized she couldn’t have been older than thirteen . The scenery changed as she walked , her blue
jeans darkening with each water droplet that landed on them . Even her paisley top , which looked
adorable when paired with the dainty charm bracelet around her wrist , was changing colors from the rain
. Before long we stood in a small neighborhood , similar to the one Asher’s parents lived in . Even in the
rain , children crowded the sidewalks .

Bikes and scooters , sticks of melting chalk clutched in the hands of kids too young to partake in many
other activities . They were everywhere , laughing and playing like there tomorrow would never come . It
breathed life into Cassidy’s cheerful walk , which soon fizzled out when I heard Emilia’s voice . ” You
should’ve known better than to come back around here .

” Emilia said , appearing from the side of a pale – yellow house whose front porch was in the beginning
stages of construction . Even as a child her champagne eyes were bright and her voice a high soprano

that reminded me of a robin’s song . Those eyes of hers narrowed into little slits and her hands became
fists that trembled at her sides .

” You don’t own the neighborhood , dummy . ” Cassidy sneered , wiping away some of the ash blonde
curls that clung to the sides of her wet face . ” This is Asher’s pack , and Asher is my friend ! ” I hadn’t a
clue what happened before this , what events formed the snowball that grew and grew until it was an
avalanche cresting down the side of a great mountain , ready to crush them all . They were children , but
the way they glared at one another reminded me of adults . Emilia stomped over to Cassidy and grabbed
a handful of her hair without warning , breaking out into a run that forced a scream from Cassidy’s mouth

She had no choice but to follow and bled onto the sidewalk after Emilia . The other children looked at the
fight happening just feet away on the sidewalk where so many of them played . Some pointed , others
laughed and taunted Cassidy , who quickly found herself on the pavement . Emilia leaned down to
whisper something in Cassidy’s ear when the memory came t o an end . Even though I was floating back
to the present , I could still taste the rain on my tongue and could see the murder that mixed with the
embarrassment on young Cassidy’s face . I blinked a few times , pawing at my eyes when they began to
water from the artificial light .

Cassidy’s face came into focus , slender and much more angular than it had been all those years ago ,
though her expression was exactly the same . Rage and embarrassment . ‘ Looks like Asher wasn’t
kidding when he said she doesn’t handle embarrassment well . ‘ Maya murmured , flattening her ears
against her skull . ‘ What is it she whispered in your ear ? ‘ I couldn’t help but ask , feeling my curiosity
expand in my chest like a bubble ready to pop .

The door opened with a slight creak and Emilia stepped back inside . In that same moment , Cassidy
gave her a feverish glare and sent her answer rushing down the mind – link , so fast that the words
rattled around in my head before rearranging themselves . ‘

She told me he wouldn’t be my friend for long , not once she got her hands on him … she promised
she’d make sure he knew just how ugly and disgusting I actually was . The way she said it struck me as
odd . There was no emotion in her voice , no burst of rage turning her iris’s a deep shade of blue . It
wasn’t the words Emilia said that stuck with her , that turned her anger into something more potent . It
had been the embarrassment , the shame she felt when she was vulnerable and broken , teased by the
cruel children who did nothing to help . We didn’t speak of the past for the rest of the lesson , and instead
put every ounce of our focus into sparring .

Once class was finished and every ounce of pent – up rage flowed from Cassidy’s body and into the
mats , we emerged out the set of double doors leading into the parking lot . ” Hey , I’ve got to get going .
I’m getting all dolled up tonight to go out with Kendrick . ” Her lips tilted up in a silky smile that contained
a double meaning I didn’t miss . After saying our goodbyes I readied myself to merge into the sea of
students flooding the parking lot .

It was Emilia’s voice , oddly unchanged from her childhood , which gave me pause . ” Luna ! Mind if I get
a word ? ” She shouted above the chaos of the crowd , all of which were eager to get home and shower
before continuing with the rest of their day . For a moment I contemplated ignoring her , feigning
ignorance as I vanished within the throng of people . It was a tugging in my gut , a feeling of
concreteness that made me turn around and wait for her to catch up . ” You were beyond impressive
back there , really . If you weren’t Luna I’d offer you a position , effective tomorrow .

” Emilia put every ounce of emotion into her laugh , which was warm and effortless despite the cruelty I
saw on her child – like face . She pulled a small pin from her hair and sent the tiny ringlets spiraling down
her shoulders . ” I was serious about hiring that trainer of yours , though . You think he might be
interested ? ” ” Mmm , he’s a bit of a … recluse . ” I cringed at the word I used , knowing Chris would kick
me into next week if he heard me saying such a thing . He didn’t like it when I brought up his general
hatred of other people , even less so when I attached words like recluse , hermit , or loner . Seeing the
disappointment form on her face and the light leave her eyes made me stumble for a solution .

I can’t promise anything … but I can try to get a hold of him , at least to relay the offer . ” ” Yes ! Oh , I
can’t thank you enough . Tell him benefits are included along with pension and retirement . We can work
out his salary if he agrees . ” She nodded eagerly , but her excitement was short lived . A student with
bleach – blonde hair passed by , and the cheerfulness on Emilia’s face dropped . Even though the girl’s
roots were a deep shade of brown ,

I knew it was Cassidy she reminded her of . ” During class did you see who whistled ? ” Emilia asked
quietly , her eyes scanning the parking lot as the grim expression on her face darkened . It didn’t appear
from out of nowhere , but instead seemed to resurface from somewhere deep within . With lips pressed
into a thin line and reluctance hardening the softness of her face she asked , ” was it Cassidy who did i t
? ” I opened my mouth , but nothing came out .

There was this twisting in my gut that felt right and wrong all at once , like a storm of knives and
butterflies that refused to cease . It yanked me in Emilia’s direction , only to send me spiraling in
Cassidy’s . Even with that torn shred of the past , I had no clue who to trust . Unfortunately , my
hesitation was answer enough .

Emilia nodded her head , and the bleak understanding in her eyes made an apology float past my lips . ”
Don’t apologize , Luna . I know it wasn’t your fault . ” She shook her head gently , her lips twitching at my
surprise . ” You probably don’t remember me , but I was one of the warriors that came to help when your
father attacked your old pack . I killed a lot of Vampire’s that day , and each one haunts me the moment
the sun goes down . Corey , my mate , he’s a good guy . Keeps me safe from what demons he

can , even though it’ll never be enough to save me . On that battlefield , I realized something . The
Vampire’s , they’re just like us . Hating , loving , fighting each day t o survive and make something of
themselves . Seeing them as monsters , it makes us no better than the humans that call us beasts .

You were the first to see that . It’s why I support you , Luna … and why I always will . ” Her eyes
darkened into that muddy brown as a shadow of a memory ghosted across her face , ” It’s also why I’m

going to take the risk and warn you , knowing it could be my job or life on the line if you don’t like what
I’m about to say …. ” You don’t have to worry about your job … or your life . “

I swallowed and tightened m y grip on the water bottle in my hands , even though it would do nothing to
soothe my dry throat . ” I appreciate the reassurance , Luna … and I do hope you listen when I say this .
” Emilia murmured , her voice quiet and eyes guarded as they scanned the space above my head , far
into the parking lot where students still milled about . “

I’ve done things in my past , stuff I’m not proud of but I’m no longer that kind of she -wolf . People
change every day , but Cassidy – she isn’t one of them . I’m not telling you to not be her friend , but just
keep what I’m telling you in mind . She can be charming and nice … until she isn’t anymore . ” ” {#125}