Her Biliionaire Husband

Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 809

Chapter 809 I Will Support You in Spirit

Matthew pressed the knife against Eleanor’s handkerchief and gently pushed it aside. “Don’t think for a
second that your botched acting can drive a wedge between us.”

As a man, especially a husband, of integrity, he naturally wouldn’t worry Veronica would
misunderstand, and he had utter faith in their love.

On the other hand, Veronica’s sliver of worry disappeared instantly after hearing Matthew’s words. I’ve
let my imaginations run wild, haven’t I?

With that, she entered and closed the door behind her with a smile. “Are you looking to change your
cup of tea, Your Highness?”

Made livid yet amused by the couple’s counterattack, Eleanor threw the handkerchief into the trash can
and quirked her brow. “Well, this is no fun. Can’t you guys even pretend to be mad at each other for
one second and amuse me?”

Her humor defused the awkwardness in a snap, and her straightforwardness left a good impression on

Not everybody could be so carefree and spontaneous.

Veronica and Matthew smiled as they exchanged a glance. Then, he returned to sorting the fish out
while Veronica lowered her head, letting the warmth and fuzziness inside fill her up.

“Oh, news flash. Iron is my master now. Hands-on learning will happen in the future, so try not to get
jealous, alright?”

While speaking, Eleanor quirked a taunting brow toward Veronica as she deliberately leaned closer to

Indeed, Veronica couldn’t do anything against her blatant seduction and challenge, but she still jeered
with crossed arms, “You do know the difference between defeat and jealousy, don’t you? I suggest you
better be prepared for both, Your Highness.” With that, she left with a triumphant smile.

“Wait, hold up. You’re going to leave just like that?”

“And why should I stay?”

“Aren’t you worried I might do something to him?”

“Be my guest. As long as you have the confidence to do it, I’ll be with you in spirit.” Veronica turned
around with a confident smile. It was obvious how confident she was in Matthew.

Seeing Veronica leave the kitchen carefreely while humming a tune as she closed the door, Eleanor
dropped her smile instantly and sagged like a deflated balloon, feeling defeated for a long time before
glaring at Matthew with a feigned contemptuous snort. “I have all the time in the world to make you
mine, and you guys will rue belittling me today.”

“There’s a word for being overconfident,” Matthew said plainly as he ran the tap water over the carp.

“I’ve been conceited all my life, so what more another?” With that, she grabbed the vegetable aside
and asked, “How should I prepare this vegetable? I don’t know what to do.”

“Remove the ends and see if any worms have gotten into it. If there is, throw it aside.”

“That’s it? Well, that’s quite easy, isn’t it?” Eleanor nodded, then concentrated on prepping the

Meanwhile, outside, Liam asked Veronica when he saw her returning, “What is my sister doing in
there? Why hasn’t she come out?”

“Princess Eleanor’s thirst for knowledge is as intense as a lost man in the Sahara, so she asked Iron to
become her master, and now, she’s learning how to cook from him,” the young woman answered as
she took a seat. With that, she grabbed a cup of tea and instantly felt relaxed when she smelled the

“Eleanor made Iron her master?!” Liam shot right out of his seat in disbelief. “This is absurd! She’s the
princess of the hidden clan! The monarchy name will be tarnished if this gets out!”

For the longest time, Liam had a problem with Iron and wanted to give the man a solid piece of his
mind. But now that he had become Eleanor’s master, there was no way Liam could teach Iron a lesson

The poor prince’s face was still blue and black from being belabored by Matthew the night before.

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