Super Wife’s Three Babies

Chapter 1442 My Wife Would Not Be Pleased

Olivia explained, "Godmother's inability to speak for a short period has led to a quicker recovery than
the other patients with a similar condition."

While saying this, she rose to her feet and expressed her longing. "I want to expedite Godmother's
recovery so I can reunite with my sons. I miss them dearly."

Alice inquired, "So, how soon can we expect Godmother to recover her ability to speak fluently?"

Olivia responded reassuringly, "The acupuncture treatment I'm administering aims to improve her blood
circulation. It should yield results within a week. Following that, spending time conversing with her will
aid her speech recovery. Also, the herbal medicine I prescribed must be taken for a while. Once she
regains mobility, dedicating one or two hours daily to rehabilitation is recommended. This process can
be quite painful. Are you prepared for it, Godmother?"

Doreen nodded affirmatively, "Yes… I… am."

A warm smile graced Olivia's lips. "I have faith in you."

Doreen added, "Stay… for... the… night."

Olivia's smile widened. "Okay."

She knew that staying at Albert's place was not an option. Not only would Eugene perceive him as an
enemy, but she would also be engulfed in a cloud of awkwardness.

Alice looked around and said, "Me too. I'll stay here for the night."

Meanwhile, Eugene deliberately kept his distance from their conversation. His relationship with Olivia
had a rocky start, and it would be uncomfortable for her to recap their encounter in his presence.

However, he took the opportunity to seek out Shannon regarding their bodyguard arrangement. His
worries were eased as he learned that the bodyguards had already boarded the plane.

Although the current situation didn't appear to pose an immediate danger, Eugene had imbibed from
Albert the wisdom of self-reliance over dependence on others. Consequently, he had become skeptical
of trusting others and was determined to safeguard his wife personally.

As they conversed in the courtyard, suddenly, a security guard entered through the gate. Soon after, he
approached Eugene with deference, informing him, "Mr. Nolan, there's someone outside looking to
speak with you."

Eugene was skeptical upon hearing this. He could not help but wonder who could be seeking him out in
this place. Still, he questioned, "Who is it?"

The guard seemed somewhat uncertain, yet he remained dutiful, offering a vague response. "Um... Mr.
Nolan, you should see for yourself."

With an air of nonchalance, Eugene furrowed his brows and strolled toward the gate. In the meantime,
Shannon and Everett exchanged glances before trailing behind him.

However, Eugene was taken aback to find Beatrix standing at the gate. He definitely would not have
headed over if he had known it was her. His expression darkened instantly, and his eyes revealed
undisguised disgust. "You're looking for me?" he uttered.

Beatrix lifted her chin haughtily and declared, "Step outside. We need to talk."

He languidly raised his eyebrow and cast a nonchalant glance at her. "Don't you see how much
everyone despises you?"

She frowned in response. Despite being a princess, she had sought this meeting to offer a well-
intentioned warning. Nonetheless, his ingratitude baffled her. Suppressing her ire, she composed
herself before speaking. "Eugene, General Bleu had her men take you and Olivia because she
believes Olivia can cure her. However, what if she discovers that Olivia is the thief who stole the
Eurosia necklace five years ago? Would General Bleu still protect you?"

Eugene scoffed at her foolishness. "General Bleu might be unwell, but she's not isolated from the
palace's rumors. Do you assume she's ignorant of what transpired within those walls?"

Beatrix countered, "Her understanding is limited to Alice's account. Alice is intentionally safeguarding
Olivia and would never label her a thief. But I'm different. I'll present solid evidence to General Bleu.
Whose word do you think she'll believe—my substantiated proof or Alice's unfounded protection?"

He slid his hand into the pocket with a curious glint in his eyes. "And what are you hoping to blackmail
me with?"

She responded, "Let's talk."

However, he agreed and stated, "Go ahead, I'm all ears."

Beatrix appeared slightly embarrassed and cast a fleeting glance at their surroundings. "I wish to

converse with you in private."

Eugene countered, "Not possible. My wife wouldn't be pleased."

Frustration etched her expression as she instructed the guards at the gate. "Very well, step aside for a
moment. Eugene and I have matters to discuss."

Although these guards served under the Governor General's residence, they didn't dare to disregard
the princess' orders. Besides, her request was not unreasonable, so they obligingly stepped back.

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